End of the Year Book Tag – 2023 Reading Stats and Answered Book Questions

Happy New Year, my cozy friends!

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2023 Reading Stats

  • Total Books Read: 165
  • Novels: 100
  • Audiobooks: 31
  • Graphic Novels: 36
  • Children’s Picture Books: 25
  • Short Stories: 4

My Ratings for the Year:

  • 5-star: 36
  • 4-star: 77
  • 3-star: 48
  • 2-star: 4
  • DNF’d Books: 4

Genres Read This Year:

  • Mystery/Thriller/Horror: 21
  • Modern Romance: 15
  • Young Adult: 15
  • Middle Grade: 14
  • Historical Fiction: 12
  • Fantasy: 10
  • Non-Fiction: 7
  • Classics: 4
  • Contemporary Fiction: 2

End-of-the-Year Book Tag Questions

These answers are based on the books that I read in 2023, not that they were necessarily published in 2023. For further explanation, please listen to the podcast episode.

Favorite Book of the Year

Least Favorite Book of the Year

Favorite Sequel of the Year

Favorite Graphic Novel of the Year

Biggest Surprise of the Year

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Top Book That Made You Happy (tied)

Top Book That Made You Happy (tied)

Top Book That Made You Cry

Best Twist/Reveal of the Year (tied)

Best Twist/Reveal of the Year (tied)

Best Adaptation of the Year

Favorite Book Covers of the Year

Favorite Book Covers of the Year

Favorite Book Covers of the Year

Favorite Book Covers of the Year

Favorite Book Covers of the Year

Favorite Author of the Year: Charlie N. Holmberg

Favorite Genres of the Year: Mystery & Thriller and Historical Fiction (Fantasy & Romance)

Favorite Characters of the Year: Viv from Legends & Lattes, Hulda from Keeper of Enchanted Rooms, Finn from Catching Christmas, Kitty from A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting, Elsie from Spellbreaker duology, and Joe from the You (or Joe Goldberg) series

What is a popular book that everyone loves that you haven’t read yet? Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros (listen to the podcast episode to hear my full explanation)

Any books that you’ve started that you still need to finish? The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow – waiting to get the audiobook from my library app

Books to transition into the winter season: I have a winter TBR episode coming soon, so stay tuned.

Any books that you’re still waiting to be released? There are many highly anticipated books coming in 2024 that I’m excited to read.

Have I started planning my 2024 reading goals? Yes, and there is a separate episode about my reading goals for this year. Read/Listen to that episode here.

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